I am an educator and consultant working towards equity in the natural and built environment.

I acknowledge the extensive privilege I have been provided in this life and consciously utilize every day to leverage it towards meaningful positive change. As an able-bodied, heterosexual, cis-gendered white man, I acknowledges the paradoxes and limitations, as well as the opportunities and obligations, of me facilitating this work. I celebrate and honor the people that have come before me and who have made my life possible.

Given the dominant American culture of racism, classism, heterosexism, and sexism, we must act deliberately to counteract our biases as well as systemic inequity. Without critically examining dominant culture as well as our own lenses, we continue cycles of injustice without even realizing it. Once we realize that all people are dehumanized by systems of oppression, we can begin to work towards collective liberation and healing.

A critical factor in our current social and environmental struggles is our egocentric culture - a culture that places humans above all other life forms and ranks certain humans over others. This dominant and oppressive cultural spell exists in stark contrast to cultures that recognize that all people bring unique talents to the world, each of which is vital. We humans are not just in relationship with all of life, but in fact depend on it. From this place, healthy human development, a regenerative earth community, and socially just culture, is inevitable.

My life's purpose is to provide equitable access and outcomes for all people to enlivening education, wild nature, inclusive work spaces, and empowering community.

“Ethan Kerr is an innovative, dedicated, educator. He embraces all that is important as we shape the adults of tomorrow. Committed to young people and to developing their positive ideas about inclusion, his understanding of the challenges young people face is unparalleled.”

Dottie Pitt, Former Milton Academy Lower School Principal

“Ethan is a master facilitator and I remain in awe of his ability to navigate such sensitive subject areas with grace, respect, and consideration for everyone involved.”

Brigitte Griswold, Director of Youth Programs, The Nature Conservancy

“Ethan was very calm, articulate and grounded for our intense workshop together. He was clearly well prepared, organized and passionate about this work. The activities, discussions and handouts he provided brought us closer as staff. He helped me see how biased ways can impact the youth we serve and how to address that.”

Workshop Participant