What I Offer:

  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Retreats
  • Organizational Consulting

Equity & Inclusion

Building on fifteen years of experience working with issues of race, class, gender and LGBTQ equity, I provide patient, informed, and focused facilitation of these complex issues. I create forums for people to encounter, process and respond to intersecting issues of personal identity, unconscious bias, institutional oppression, dominant group privilege, and embodied trauma. I possess a unique skill set to engage dominant group individuals in equity work without tasking oppressed group members as their teachers. I emphasize normalizing “difficult” conversations and cultivating practical tools for participants to implement and transform their own lives as well as their communities. I lead this work through workshops, coaching, retreats and trainings.


Leadership & Communication

I facilitate workshops, mediations, and retreats that help participants consciously respond to conflict, embody assertive communication, share professional feedback, and model effective communication for colleagues and/or students.  I teach participants a wide range of leadership skills so that they may become impactful, vulnerable and courageous leaders in this critical time.


Empowering Learning Climates

I guide individuals and organizations to create actively equitable, student driven learning environments. I support educators, administrators and institutions to re-frame their pedagogy, organizational structure, professional culture, and practice. I cultivate empowering climates through coaching, training and workshops.

Examples of my impact include:

  • Transforming punitive disciplinary systems into restorative systems
  • Creating advisory/life-skills programs
  • Coaching internal staff to facilitate diversity trainings
  • Integrating student led, project-based learning in academic classes
  • Redesigning conflict mediation systems to be proactive and restorative
  • Establishing student identity groups

“I enjoyed the inclusive and safe environment that Ethan created for us to work in. As a facilitator, I believe he is extremely gifted, especially in the ways in which he delivers the material without preaching or imposing his own personal beliefs onto the group.”

–Workshop Participant 

“Ethan is an excellent, hardworking, ethical man with remarkable social acumen and an uncanny ability to connect with hard to reach urban youth…. His drive and desire for social and educational equity are only surpassed by his tireless efforts to improve communications between people. Ethan is a leader who understands there is no value in leadership without service. He walks his talk and is not afraid to diplomatically confront those who are not aware of their own biases. I experienced Ethan in numerous high stress situations and without fail Ethan thoughtfully controlled himself and guided the situation he was overseeing to peaceful resolution. Ethan stayed grounded in his wisdom while he sought contributions and support from those around him. I have trusted my own children to Ethan’s care and would do so again without any reservations.“

-Charles Thomas Jr., Regional Manager of Pacific West Youth Programs, National Park Service