What I Offer:

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Expeditions
  • Extended Programs

Nature Based

The leaving of home, experiencing new challenges, and returning home as a different person, is a timeless metaphor. By guiding young people into spaces outside their culture and home landscapes, I create unique opportunities to facilitate transformation.

I design and guide Nature-based retreats for young people that focus on personal identity, community building, eco-literacy, and soulcentric development. Participants experience the therapeutic benefits of being with Nature while being exposed to meaningful leadership and maturation opportunities.

Through a progression of councils, group initiatives, solo experiences, physical challenges, reflection, and threshold crossings, participants cultivate their gifts, explore their shadows, and practice new behaviors. Upon returning from the experience, participants are greeted by a celebration with their community where they share newly realized talents and are recognized as changed people.


School & Community Based

I designed and currently facilitate Youth Leaders Emerge, a holistic youth development program based in schools and community centers. Youth Leaders Emerge develops participants’ communication skills, self-awareness, leadership and compassion through youth guided spaces. A strong emphasis is placed on developing young people’s capacities to respond to and change inequitable conditions and beliefs in our communities and ourselves.

In addition to teaching essential social and emotional skills, Youth Leaders Emerge connects young people from the city to local cultural and natural sites of significance. Cultural field trips expand participants’ knowledge of American diversity, richness and history, while highlighting the long fight for justice. Field trips to urban parks connect participants with places to recreate, connect with Nature, and relax.

Youth Leaders Emerge is a scalable program for middle school through college age groups, custom designed to the needs, desired outcomes and available resources of collaborating agencies or schools.

Youth Leaders Emerge participants consistently gain:

  • Tools to assertively communicate
  • Confidence in their personal power to affect change
  • Enhanced ability to resolve conflicts creatively
  • Deeper understanding of effective positive leadership practices
  • Increased comfort discussing issues of bias, stereotypes and inequity
  • Expanded connection to Nature and their place within it
  • Improved ability to set and achieve goals
  • Superior commitment to community service
  • Improved self-mastery in challenging social and emotional experiences

“I believe that this program has helped me develop better listening skills, not as in listening but understanding what the person is trying to come across to me.”

–YLE participant

“This program has actually helped me accept who I am, accept my choices, whether it was good or bad, it is something I will not regret.”

–YLE participant

“Before I just used to be passive, or let it go, not talk about it, just let it happen. I’ve kinda learned how to take a stand, if I disagree with you I’ll respectfully say my opinion and we’ll have a discussion and as far as it gets, civilized. So I’ve learned to just talk more, if I disagree, I’ll talk. I’ll speak my mind.”

 YLE participant